Aug 042012

See the Security Bsides Atlanta talk (when it gets posted) at  Powerpoint slides can be found here.

The people over at PwnieExpress are coming out with a neat device called the Power Pwn.  This device follows up on the Pwn Plug and the PwnPhone (Nokia N900). With my experience as a penetration tester and junior hardware hacker I’ve been working on my own “pwn” hardware. I have a Nokia N810 as well as an Alix 6f2 ( I purchased an APC BE650R Battery Backup Power Strip off of Ebay and gutted the inside to fit the Alix board. I integrated the Alix connectors for the serial, ethernet, and external antenna connectors with the existing APC coax, rj45, and rj50 ports. The setup has an internal Xpal portable netbook charger that can run the Alix board for over 4 hours.  However, the main power to the board is integrated with the APC power strip.  Plugging in the APC will run power to the Xpal battery which in turn powers the Alix.  Four of the eight plugs on the APC are also functional.  I created a simple DB9 to RJ45 adapter for the serial connection so I can properly configure the device before use.  Since the Xpal battery powers it for 4 hours I have plenty of time to get it configured and to its final pwnage destination.  I didn’t take any photos of the gutting of the APC but it involved a lot of dremel, plastic nipper, and xacto knife work.  I do have photos of everything fitting together.  The only missing item is the internal RP-SMA to female F pigtails.  But as you can see in the photos you can fit some rubber duck antennas inside the APC with no problems.  Also, the best part about the Alix 6f2 is that you can add a mini-pci express GSM card for out of band cellular access to the device.  You don’t see the card installed on the Alix in the pictures.  I currently have the card in a Mini PCI-E WWAN to USB Adapter for testing.

The software I run on the PCEngines Alix is Debian-for-Alix where I contributed to the wiki with instructions on how to install all the tools.

Below are some images with arrows pointing to key features of my device.



Updated Images / Additional Work

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