Jul 052012

JtR 1.7.9 with Jumbo 6 now offers GPU support for computationally intensive (slow-hash) password encryptions like WPA-PSK.  This POST will detail compiling JtR with OpenCL support.  I have an really old ATI Radeon HD card but it works with OpenCL so here goes.  This compile works for Ubuntu LTS 12.04 and 10.04.  You should read the doc file README.opencl for notes for more info on how to compile JtR with OpenCL support.

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Feb 292012

Compile Nmap for Android

This tutorial will show you how to compile the latest version of Nmap for your Android device starting with a standard Ubuntu install. I will offer instructions on how to obtain two versions of compiler that I’ve had success compiling software for Android. I will show the Android NDK and the free Lite ARM compiler from Mentor (formally Code Sorcery). Hopefully you can take this instruction to try and compile other tools for Android.

The build environment and instructions come from an auditor with strong technical skills but somebody who is not a programmer or developer so hopefully my view point can help other individuals who are also not developers. I’ve built cross-compile environments for Openwrt, Nokia Maemo, Familiar Linux (iPaq) in the past but always from piecing together instructions from multiple Google queries and forum searches. I’m creating this document so it will be helpful for somebody’s future Google search.
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Nov 162009

2.5.2014 – See this blog article for compiling John the Ripper with GPU support with Nvidia CUDA.

Old Post – Now with AMD OpenCL GPU support.

9.19.2011 – Updated for latest openssl and john jumbo patch on Ubuntu Natty Narwhal 11.4

Password cracking Windows hashes on Linux using John the Ripper (JtR). If you prefer the Linux operating system JtR is the password cracking utility to use. By default JtR does not support the hashes that we are interested in cracking. See below for installation and patching instructions for JtR.   Applying the patch to JtR adds the functionality to crack NTLM and MS-Cache passwords.  NOTE:  This install was done on Ubuntu 10.4 LTS but should work on any Linux system since we are compiling from source.
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Jun 042009

On a recent pentest I was able to use SQLNINJA to exploit a SQL Injection vulnerability I had identified.  I documented the steps I took so that future auditors can take advantage of this tool.  Check out the tutorial here.

Jun 042009

I have created an updated configuration document for my Motion Computing m1300 wireless tablet. This document details getting Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Hardy Heron up and running on the tablet. Included in the documentation are the steps to get Kismet, Aircrack-ng, and Karmasploit up and running. Those steps will be helpful no matter what hardware you install Ubuntu on.

I have also created an updated configuration document for the setup of my Linux laptop that I use for penetration testing.