Jul 072014

The TP-Link WR703N Expander is an open source hardware extension to the TP-Link WR703N. It was created by Kean Electronics (http://www.kean.com.au/) and can be purchased from Seeed Studio (http://www.seeedstudio.com/).  I won’t go into the details of what the Expander includes and what you can do with it.  This article details how I created my own enclosure for the Expander since I don’t have a 3D printer and I didn’t want to purchase the enclosure from one of the 3D printer fabrication sites.

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Jun 192013

The TP_IN and TP_OUT connections on the TP-LINK WR703N are pretty touchy. One wrong tug on the soldered wire and the pad will rip off. Just a guess but I think they are held on by silly putty. So what do you do when you rip the pads off? I know the device is sub $25 but who wants to wait another month for a new one? Never fear as you can move down the line to C55 and C57. In my opinion this is actually an easier place connect the wires.

So…what if you just love tinkering with the device and you accidentally rip the pad on C55 off?
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