Apr 222012

This tutorial will help you configure the Scratchbox environment to compile the latest svn of aircrack-ng, latest stable kismet, and reaver 1.4 for the Nokia n810. A lot of love is getting sent to the N900 but the n8x0 series of devices are still great for wireless testing. With this tutorial you will be not only to compile the software but create Debian packages for easy installation on your Nokia device. Of important note were the errors I encountered while compiling aircrack-ng. The error had not been documented on the Internet. Trust me I Googled my heart out. Everyones solution was update the linux kernel headers. Well in this case that wasn’t possible. I’m not a Linux programmer but I figured out how to edit the header file to make the changed needed to get Aircrack-ng to compile.
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Apr 052012

This post deals with gathering the information you need to use aircrack-ng to capture a WPA/WPA2 handshake for offline bruteforce attacks.  When running aireplay-ng to send out de-authentication packets you need the MAC address of the Access Point and a Client that is associated with it.  The way I would collect the information is run Kismet.  With the older version of Kismet I would monitor the client (panel view) and select (copy/paste) the access point and client MAC.  With the new version of Kismet you cannot select a MAC address.  So I wrote myself a quick Perl script to parse the Kismet NETXML file to create output with the MAC addresses of AP and associated client pairs.
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Sep 082011

I created a tutorial on how to setup and configure the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet to conduct a wireless assessment or audit. The tools included in the tutorial include how to setup kismet (oldcore and newcore), aircrack-ng (airbase and aircrack), and btscanner. I’m still working on developing steps to install Metasploit and Karmetasploit for wireless client attacks. The tutorial also details using the internal GPS as well as adding an external wireless adapter. The latest version of the tutorial can be found here.