Jul 072014

The TP-Link WR703N Expander is an open source hardware extension to the TP-Link WR703N. It was created by Kean Electronics (http://www.kean.com.au/) and can be purchased from Seeed Studio (http://www.seeedstudio.com/).  I won’t go into the details of what the Expander includes and what you can do with it.  This article details how I created my own enclosure for the Expander since I don’t have a 3D printer and I didn’t want to purchase the enclosure from one of the 3D printer fabrication sites.

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Jul 122012

I receive this error when trying to install PHP on my Nokia n810 device. php5-cli: Depends: mime-support but it is not installable. This is with a fresh flash and I only add the Diable Extras-Devel from repository.maemo.org so I have access to the PHP packages. I have no idea what is going on but I’m creating this post in case anybody else comes across a damn mime-support issue.
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Sep 112008

Welcome to jedge.com.  I’m James Edge the host of this site.  My goal for this site is to create a colaborative portal for documents, links, and thoughts regarding auditing Information System security at a state goverment level.  I’ve been working in state government for a few years with both New York and Georgia state and I hope to express my thoughts and opinions related to auditing with what I’ve experienced working for those governments.  Enjoy the site and feel free to post a comment for whatever reason.  I hope the feedback I receive will further improve the site.  Thanks.

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