Sep 192011

I’m now providing an updated Linux Penetration Testing Laptop Setup document to help install popular and useful vulnerability assessment tools for the Linux operating system. You can go and obtain Backtrack but I feel that you will have more understanding of the tools and Linux in general if you install the tools yourself. You will also have the most current version available. See Configuration Tutorials for the latest document.

Sep 082011

I created a tutorial on how to setup and configure the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet to conduct a wireless assessment or audit. The tools included in the tutorial include how to setup kismet (oldcore and newcore), aircrack-ng (airbase and aircrack), and btscanner. I’m still working on developing steps to install Metasploit and Karmetasploit for wireless client attacks. The tutorial also details using the internal GPS as well as adding an external wireless adapter. The latest version of the tutorial can be found here.