Sep 192008

A TFTP Server for in Information Systems Auditor is an important tool. It has come in handy in a couple situations during an audit. The two that come to mind are retrieving Cisco configuration files and uploading Netcat during a SQL audit or SQL Injection test. This is a quick post on how I like to setup my tftp server on Linux and Windows.

My Linux distro of choice is Ubuntu.

$sudo -s
#apt-get install atftpd
#mkdir /tftproot
#chmod 777 /tftproot
#atftpd –daemon /tftproot

That will get you started on Linux. For Windows I like the free tftp server you get from Download and install.  Create the directory C:\TFTP-Root.

Sep 112008

Welcome to  I’m James Edge the host of this site.  My goal for this site is to create a colaborative portal for documents, links, and thoughts regarding auditing Information System security at a state goverment level.  I’ve been working in state government for a few years with both New York and Georgia state and I hope to express my thoughts and opinions related to auditing with what I’ve experienced working for those governments.  Enjoy the site and feel free to post a comment for whatever reason.  I hope the feedback I receive will further improve the site.  Thanks.